Swimpruf is a full service agency providing professional writing and photography for editorial and commercial use. Our focus is on outdoor adventure, travel, gear and wristwatches and our expertise in these areas sets us apart. Our ability to work together, in the studio and the field, to provide words and pictures gives us a unique advantage and offers a single source solution.

“Swimpruf” was the word that appeared on a hangtag included in the box of a certain iconic dive watch in the 1960s and ‘70s. Roughly translated, it meant that the watch was waterproof enough for scuba diving and we chose the name for our business since we got our start reviewing and photographing dive watches. Though we have diversified our work to include topside pursuits as well, we’ve never forgotten our roots.

J a s o n

I’ve always been a bit of an adventure fiend, a Midwestern boy seduced by the exoticism of adventure magazines and Hemingway novels. So writing gear reviews and travel and adventure articles justifies as “research” a lifetime of tramping about the planet, climbing mountains, scuba diving, and having a basement that looks like your local outdoor shop. My sporting cred covers the spectrum from velodrome bike racing to Nordic skiing to swimming from Alcatraz. I’m as happy diving wrecks in the icy Great Lakes as the reefs of the Caribbean. Along the way I developed an interest in wristwatches and feel a kinship with past explorers who wore them as instruments and companions on their own adventures. This is where adventure, travel, and timepieces intersect.

My writing is storytelling. I want readers to come along on the journey of discovery, whether I’m describing a complicated wristwatch or a trek in New Zealand. I have written for Gear Patrol, Hodinkee, Men’s Journal, Revolution, International Watch, Tourneau Our Minutes, AskMen and Australian Geographic Outdoor.

I can’t say where my writing will take me next. But as someone once said: “it’s not an adventure if you know the outcome.” And that’s just the way I like it.

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I’m more about images than words but if I was asked to sum up my photography in a single word it would be, “details.” I like to find the right perspective, lighting and composition that will bring out the nuances that make a wristwatch, a backpack, an abandoned fishing shack or a coral reef unique. My photos have been published in a number of outlets, including the online magazine Gear Patrol, the leading wristwatch Website HODINKEE, and the timepiece magazines, Revolution and International Watch, in addition to various commercial projects.

Though I do a lot of studio product photography, getting the right image sometimes means getting out in the field. I like to think that what sets me apart from other product photographers is my willingness to shoot in situ, whether that be on a muddy trail, on a frozen lake or 100 feet underwater. I'm not an adventure photographer. I'm not a product photographer. I'm an adventure product photographer.

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